Inspection, Certification, and Testing

We proof-test and certify rigging devices of all kinds.

We work with and in accordance to the Canadian WCB Standards, as well as being in compliance with the ANSI and ASME Standards of North America.

Various schooling and years of experience, combined with volumes of information accumulated to date, assist us in cross-referencing and defining each individual piece.

The product is then put through various physical tests in order to comply to the set standard for said piece.

Upon completion of all the practical tests a printed copy of certification is released.

We generally do Non-Destructive Testing, but are happy to oblige with the occasional Destructive Test, backed up with Digital Printout for exact information.

We also offer Mobile Testing which is convenient and cost effective in large quantities.
We have 2 setups for this service, 120,000 lb. bench and 1,000,000 lb. bench.

Above is our testing trailer and a sneak-peak of the 120,000 lb. test bench.

Above is our 1,000,000 lb. test bench. On the right is the unit being sent away for testing.
The left is an example of one of the many things we test. This photo being a multi-sheave crane block.

A spreader bar from Surespan being tested in our shop’s 300 foot test bench.


A few examples of destructive testing. By doing so we are able to place a SWL (safe working load) on the dedicated piece.

Here is an example of the Digital Printout for a certain test.


Below is a Break Test