Jack and Rolling

We specialize in hydraulic lifting up to 500 ton.
We have a wide selection of hydraulic jacks ranging from many sizes and weights.
Every job is different and we are prepared for any challenge.

In 2016, our team was thrilled to be working on the Pachena Point Lighthouse. Here we jacked up the lighthouse 2 feet high so the base of the Heritage building could be rebuilt. The building sat on jacks for 2 months before released down.

In 2016, we moved and installed the pizza oven at the Sawmill Taphouse and Grill in Chemainus.
As you can see, the oven travels along 2 I-beams until it is in position.

Here we moved an air conditioning unit into place at the Quality Foods in Victoria.

In the first photo, this fabricating machine was removed by us, and replaced with this CNC machine, the second photo.

In these photos, we moved two engine/machine cleaners into place.

In the photo above, this house was evenly raised to add an additional floor underneath. In this particular job, the jacks are sequenced to activate together consistently to assure minimal to no damage.


Making it safe for you to move the world.